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Mission :

We create a platform and networking opportunities for Turkish construction and Design  professionals at all levels to come together for collaboration, education, recognition, and support, with a common goal of advancing the construction and Design industry as a whole in the UK.

Vision :

We are Uk’s first ever premier Turkish Construction and Design professionals organization that is dedicated to the development of Turkish construction and Design professionals in order to create more harmony and understanding among the native UK and the Turkish speaking construction and Design professions within the industry.

Who We Are :

The ATCP  is made up of all construction and Design professionals such as , Architects, Interior Designers , Civil and Structural Engineers, Project Mangers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and  Land Scape Architects.

The ATCP is the only organization dedicated to breaking down the barriers, and working together to collaborate toward solutions that improve the construction and design industry as a whole.

What We Do :

We provide a network and a forum for the exchange of ideas, challenges, solutions, and educational opportunities to Turkish construction and design professionals. We offer to help with  certification, recognition, and opportunities for every construction and design  professional to further their career in the UK, while contributing to the advancement of the industry as a whole. The ATCP offers an opportunity for everyone to make a difference.

Our Passions :

We are passionate about construction and design professionals. We believe that by increasing professionalism and collaboration in the industry, we can improve the entire industry. Our organization exists to serve these professionals and the industry with character and integrity